6 Strongholds of Opposition

Satan is always opposing us. He wants us to be ineffective and defeated as we share the message of the Gospel.

Yesterday’s message was number four in the Acts 29 series. I included Terry Tekyl’s six evil strongholds that must be overcome and replaced with divine ones. They are:

  1. Religion: the worship of traditions and doctrines of men.
  2. Pride: our feelings of independence and self-sufficiency.
  3. Accusation: our treatment of pastors and leaders in the Body of Christ.
  4. Prejudice: on attitudes of denominational superiority.
  5. Judgment: self-righteous Christianity that sets spiritual standards based on performance.
  6. Fear: our desire to control.

Eddie Smith helps us maintain our focus when he says “Forget the happy-go-lucky attitude that pursuing God is all about worship and praise. Pursuing God includes learning how to fight and win.” (Eddie Smith, Making Sense of Spiritual Warfare, p.15)

The fight begins with pray. Join me in praying against these evil strongholds.